3 Reasons to Sign Up for www.ceuevents.com

Three reasons for your company to sign up for www.ceuevents.com today!  

If your company name is on our Continued Education Provider list you are ready to start saving, present more and manage less.

1. Save time and money on the invitations.

Whether you have in-house graphics team or you are outsourcing it in order to create your RSVP invitations, it is costing you time and money each and every time.  With unlimited number of instant RSVP invitations through our platform you and your linked instructors are going to start saving time and money immediately.

2. Centralized data depository for lead generation.

You can share the unique URL invitation link for your CEU event instantly with your representatives and showrooms.  You can post the link on your social media to promote your CEU event for the best result yet.  As a subscriber, you will have access to all of the events’ RSVP data for your CEU course(s).You will finally know how much food you should order for your next event and immediately start generating leads.

3. Dashboard for your CEU course(s)

Do you know how many CEU courses your company currently do a year? What about your reps? Where are all of your leads from your past CEUs?  All this information and more is easily accessible to you at any given time so you can focus on planning and making more CEU events to promote your brand in front of the trade professionals.


Present More. Manage Less.

Martin Siwy